Saturday, 15 April 2017

Chronicles of the Wayfarer 15mm fantasy Painting contest

Hi guys

I was approached to enter a painting contest for a new 15mm Fantasy manufacturer, Chronicles of the Wayfarer, I'm not anticipating winning as I think there will be some heavy hitters entering, but I always like supporting new entries into our hobby so agreed, part of the comp is to also write a review of the figures, I will be honest in my review, I was given these 4 figures as part of this comp and have no other incentives or link to this company.
The good - as can be seen these are very detailed, actually incredibly detailed figures, I hate to say, but almost to detailed for my skill, have a look at the ladies sward hilt, incredible, they have very good anatomy, nothing seems out of proportion for those that like that, poses are quite good and they came with 2 different detailed base, the guy with the hammer had a choice of sword or hammer arm, and the ladies back thing was separate.

The bad - they are resin figures, I prefer metal, they do seem quite sturdy though, but I am imagining some  possible breakage during game play.

The ugly - These are computer sculpted, and quite a good job to, but for some reason the shields are crazily thick, especially the long body shield, maybe this is due to the moulding process, but isn't mirrored in other parts like the sword, so not sure, I did contemplate cutting them off and sanding them back, but thought its better you see what you will get.  

Have added a comparison pic with a rebel, Khurasan and AB figure, all comments welcome.
More info can be found at their facebook page

Thursday, 30 March 2017

28mm Rangers

Hi guys

Finished these 28mm Rangers on commission, I believe these are Empress figs, very crisp detail, lovely figures, this is my first attempt at multicam, pretty happy with it, but I will get better after a few more times, might be a reason to start my long stashed zombie projects, 15mm and 28mm. Sorry about the crappy pics, its really overcast today, and some pics are blurry from shaking hands I think, All comments welcome.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

28mm Aussies and Taliban

Hi guys

Some 28mm skirmish sangin Aussies and Taliban finished on commission, figs are nice, pretty accurate looking Aussies, I enjoyed painting these guys, I have another modern commission on the desk and am enjoying the change, all comments welcome.